Integration of core curriculum and social justice through world music, chants, movement, dance and interactive discussions in all-school assemblies, performances and workshops.

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All-school assemblies and workshops are presented by members of The Honey Child Soul Quintet – an a cappella vocal ensemble and teaching team whose mission is to embrace diversity by joining together in harmony to make the world a more uplifting place.

Assemblies feature diverse role models from this inspirational singing group performing and speaking about their commitment to higher education in pursuit of fulfilling their individual life purpose and passions.

Workshops feature world music and movement experiences that connect with current and historical social studies topics. The program goals include cultivating respect for self, others and the environment. Students learn to recognize their voices as vehicles for social change. Since 2015 the ensemble has received over ten grants to present in public schools.

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From Ithaca City School District Classroom Teachers:
  • "It is such a benefit to students to learn about social justice in the context of music and dance. It helps to bring a deeper appreciation of history and culture - making issues more real and relevant."
  • "The Music for Unity and Social Change program helps to reinforce so much of what we’re doing in class, but adds a richness that we don’t always offer."
  • “The music highlights the celebration and joy - emphasizing the unity. Too often in class I think we get lost in the pain [of our country's history around racism and injustice] and we lose kids this way. Your songs unite and empower.”
  • “This program gives students time to think about themselves as activists and agents of change. Our tight curriculum doesn't have a specific place for this important skill.”
  • “Our democracy depends upon the people to make change and advocate for what is right. Your program provides training to our students in how to do that peaceably.”